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About Us

Auto India Racing Championship 2022-23 (Season 6) is a GO-KART racing event, where under graduate and graduate students are given opportunity to design and fabricate their four wheeled vehicle. This event is a intercollegiate design competition for engineering students. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, highly engineered, safe and ergonomically designed. The design should be commercially viable as a product and should be attractive to the consumers because of its visual appearance, performance, reliability and ease of operation.


The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for engineering students to develop their skills and also their stepping stone in automobile sector in India and come up with some innovative designs. Students have to tackle real world engineering problems, work in multidisciplinary teams, practice design for manufacturability and manage a full product development cycle of life.

Competition Summary

The Competition includes designing, fabricating and validating a four wheeled vehicle driven by one driver. The vehicle would be capable to be driven by one driver on gasoline. The vehicle would be evaluated for its design, performance, safety, durability and the teams compete against each other. The cumulative scores of all the events would decide the overall ranking of the teams in the event.

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